Scout Mountain is nestled in Wildwood, true story, west of Powell Lake on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Our 5-piece band came together in 2009 to do traditional bluegrass music. We like to use a single mic on stage and so far the reception has been fantastic. We find inspiration in all kinds of music, while constantly tryng to bring it all back to the clean and high lonesome sounds of the early days of bluegrass. We hope our new  website will help you get to know us, our music is all about having fun, and meeting other bluegrass music lovers. So if you see us out at a show, or on a bluegrass festival site be sure to say hi, and drop by our campsite, and most likely we’ll feel a tune coming on.

Traditional bluegrass music with lots of harmony, greatly inspired by the stylings of Doyle Lawson, but we also have a large range of artists we look up to as we develop our own sound . Jr Sisk, Tony Rice, Joe Val, Del McCoury, Jim and Jesse, The Louvin Brothers, the Stanley Brothers, and of course Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, well yes the list goes on and on.

The upper Sunshine Coast is not a huge bluegrass area, but we are doing our best to spread it around. There was a great quote on youtube – “Everyone loves bluegrass music, they just don’t know it yet!” However what we really look forward to are those summar days, getting on the ferry and heading off to a full wk-end of bluegrass, Chilliwack, Coombs, and The Lighthouse festival are all within easy striking distance, and like bluegrass lovers every where, we count down the days till we get to stay up all night pickin and grinnin, wake up and start all over again………………..  ( this next ones in Bb )

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Coombs Bluegrass Festival Aug 2012

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 United Way Benefit

scout mountain bluegrass band

Jan 20 2012

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