Monica Behan

Fiddle  and  Vocals

A well known musician in Celtic and Folk circles, like many others Monica caught the bluegrass bug at her first festival.

She has a smooth bluegrass voice and a sharp wit, so the rest of the band treads careful when she’s got the rosin on.

Bill Smith

Banjo  and  Vocals

Bill started his bluegrass journey on the East Coast, Nova Scotia to be precise, and loves to meet old and new friends.

Say hi, or share a tune, he’ll be glad to meet you.


Dylan Jolie

Guitar  and  Vocals

On rhythm and flatpicking guitar, Dylan is third generation. ( That’s his father Gord behind him on Bass at the Sooke Bluegrass Festival) his grandfather Scamp Jolie has also been known to pick a tune or two.


Max Pagani

Mandolin and Vocals

Max plays a number of instruments but in Scout Mountain he holds down the mandolin chops, sings leads and harmonies. He try’s hard not to step on the fiddle players breaks because his better half will let him know, actually she lets us all know. Did I mention his very significant other is the fiddle player?


Erin McKinnon              erin bio pic

Bass and Vocals

Erin moved to Powell River and joined the band just before the New Year 2015, after years of living on Vancouver Island. A multi-instrumentalist, she is a wonderful new addition to the over all sound of the band.  When she sings harmonies with her brother Dylan, or with the rest of the band, or steps up to do the lead vocals we know you are going to like this lady as much as we do.

Band Alumni

Pam Huber  2009 -2014

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